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Some Pests That Threaten Your Home

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Besides causing real damage to your home, some pests like ants and bees are also frightening.

Can you imagine stepping out on your porch and finding yourself confronted with Carpenter bees?
Any bee is scary, but carpenter bees are also large and scary looking even if they do not attack you. Carpenter bees choose wood that might be your porch to drill into to insert their nests after poking a hole in some nice juicy wood board. Since their nests are burrowed deep into the wood planks, trying to remove them manually is not feasible. Spraying the area outside the visible holes that carpenter bees make in wood with pesticide formulate especially for these large and seemingly friendly hole makers is the first step in removing their presence. The most obvious solution to an attack of carpenter bees is to call an exterminator.

How to Deal With Carpenter Bees Infestation

pests damage Another solution to avoiding an infestation of carpenter bees is to keep your wood porch sealed and treated with varnish and wood protectors since carpenter bees do not like the taste of these chemical products but actually relish wood. Like all bees, carpenter bees make honey and leave other products in their nests. Your best bet is to have carpenter bees professionally removed via a bee trap for sale and your porch sealed with a wood sealant protector. Untreated wood as a deck or porch is an open invitation to all manner of insects. Your best line of protection from carpenter bees and termites is to keep your wood porches and decks well sealed by using a protective sealant whose taste is not to the liking of such wood friendly pests as carpenter bees and termites.


capture pestsWhile an infestation of carpenter bees might be frightening or, at best, unsettlingly, an infestation of termites is the pinnacle of scary to most people. Do not forget that termites actually inject wood. Your untreated wood porch, poles and decks could be their main menu. With termites, your best bet is to have them removed by professionals who know how to cover the infected area that has to be cleared of termites. Termites can cause real damage to your property and should always be treated by professional termite removal companies. A swarm of termites is enough to leave you in shock, and the first sign of infestation should be handled by professionals immediately. If you have never seen a termite infestation, you do not know what scary is. Those pests literally fill the interior of any area and do not feel a bit out of sorts at the presence of humans or of animals. A swarm of termites can be a most unsettling event.

When first seen the termite or large ant with fierce looking wings will leave a most unfavorable impression on adults and other animals. A swarm of termites is right out of a horror movie. The only sure way to rid yourself of termites is to use a professional termite removal company. The area to be treated has to be covered and the termites removed. In some areas, termites can infect a porch, a closed in veranda or any outdoor deck and begin chewing. They are not friendly although they do not seem to care one way or the other about other life forms in their vicinity. Treating your outdoor wood areas with a termite preventive solution is the best way to keep these frightening pests from attacking your area. Outdoor wood is very inviting to termites and should be kept well treated with varnish or other types of sealants. Although in some areas, a monthly borer bee trap by professionals who treat the area for pests is the only way to be sure not to be surprised by a swarm in your patio or holes in your deck.