What Makes a Great Skydiving Experience?

What Makes a Great Skydiving Experience?

Want to experience a blast of real thrill? Have you tried skydiving?

Skydiving is a fantastic adventure sport that truly introduces you to the scariest pleasure. Be it the first time you are stepping out of the plane or have tried it several times; skydiving comes with increased excitement and fear too while even thinking of doing so.

But do you know, by making prior preparations you can boost up your experience to the next level! Yes, there are particular things you need to include in your checklist before starting with skydiving.

Just as other adventure sports require preparations, skydiving too needs the same before you finally approach to the big day and today, we shall make a quick view of the checklist.

Things to check on to make your skydiving experience great

·         Are you mentally prepared?

There are many people who think they would easily step out of the plane, but they actually fail to do so when the time comes. No doubt, during the training you are provided with each and every situation and things that would matter at the time. But sometimes, the activity can be more challenging.

Exhilirating experience when skydivingThere are many divers who have freaked out at the time of diving out during the fall. Hence, before the day arrives, start preparing yourself mentally. Skydiving is definitely scary, but it is much helpful for a healthy face too. Speak to yourself that you are brave and adventurous for mental and physical preparations.

Things you are worried about might happen, you might have a stomach drop, and you might feel smooth and soft while landing and much more would be running in your mind. So, prepare yourself mentally to explore the activity as much as possible adventurously.

·         What are you going to wear

What are you thinking to wear while you will fly in the sky? Don’t worry; you don’t have to wear layers of clothes for this. All you need to wear is a comfortable bottom with tennis shoes that come with tight laces.

Make sure you avoid loose shoes as the strong wind might grab them from your feet. Coming to the pants, wear pants or shorts you prefer to wear while visiting the gym. It would provide you with more room to move. The top you choose should also be snugly fitted. Get more tips on what to wear for skydiving here.

Again, during the warm season, make sure you carry long sleeve top. Lastly, wear something that doesn’t contain any kind of strings, rhinestones, metal grommets, or any kind of decorative things that might disturb you while you are with the wind up there.

·         Don’t need to skip your meals

A big mistake made by most of the first-time divers is to avoid meals before going for skydiving. Turning for the activity with a full stomach or a completely empty one is surely a bad idea. Before going for skydiving, it is important to eat sensibly, moderately and normally too.

If you don’t eat anything while diving the blood sugar would be bottoming out which would make you uncomfortable. Similarly, if you are with a full stomach, the blood supply would churn around the abdomen trying to process the food.

So, the best option is to have something light and healthy like a smoothie with high-calorie levels, or any such light ingredients or something available at the store there.

·         Make it your landmark event

Definitely, for the first-time divers, this is going to be the most memorable event of their lives. So, why not enjoy it with utmost joy and excitement! For making it a landmark event, get more and more photos and videos talking about the process, journey, and your expectations. You can also do a little research on different Skydiving Dropzones and talk about why you picked the one you chose.

Capture the moments and the sights. If possible, try to plan a complete day for the activity. You have never done anything such exciting before. So, let your first jump be the beginning of a new journey in your life. Welcome the landmark event with open arms.

Get your diving filmed where you share your experience. This would be proof of the excitement and thrill you have experienced while diving.

·         Be a questionnaire

Whether you are new to skydiving or have tried it before, being a questionnaire is surely not a bad thing. Before going for the diving, ask every question that disturbs your mind. Also, while looking for any skydiving school, make proper research before finalizing one.

Talk to the instructors, students there, etc. and know whether they are licensed and best in their work and training. Again, don’t be too excited about diving. Select the right style for diving that would be suitable for you.

Ask the instructors about the style if you are too confused with it. Make sure you don’t jump with a confused mind. Be clear on a lucky day to enjoy the diving thoroughly.

·         Share your experience

On-ground practiceLast but not least, sharing the experience you had while diving is the best way to make your diving experience more memorable. Sharing the event with your friends and family would enrich your life.

Explain to them and tell them the excitement you had at that time. Tell them how the butterflies were running in your stomach and how you overcame your fear by diving from the plane. Doing so would help you know your mistakes if any and help you with an improved diving experience.

Again, hearing the experience of your other friends who have been through the activity would help you in improving your diving experience. This would also boost you for going for skydiving again for adding to the experience list.

While going for skydiving, the jumpers also need to have a keen interest in the physical safety equipment before and at the time of diving.

At the time of diving for the first time, you might be a little conscious about the safety procedure, however, as your experience increases, you might become less careful which can prove to be harmful.

So, make sure you have gone through all the required safety procedures before diving anytime. Happy diving!

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