Is it Possible to Get Free Traffic?

Is it Possible to Get Free Traffic?

Traffic, in a word, it’s something that we dread daily. It can cause so much delay and we can’t deny that it pisses us off because we have to waste our time inside our vehicles or public transports when we could be on our way home so we can rest already. In the digital world, however, the word traffic has a very different meaning. In a short explanation, traffic is the flow and exchange of data across the internet. One of the most traditional ways in trying to determine the amount of traffic on a website is by counting the number of people who visits the website and also how many and what pages on the website do they visit. Through being able to monitor this, you would be aware how much publicity you’re getting and if it doesn’t seem enough, you can work on doing it better and gaining more viewers. There are also others who are curious if it is every possible to get traffic without having to work or pay for New York SEO services. In honesty, the answer is yes. There is a big possibility that you can get free traffic if certain techniques are done well and correctly. Here’s how we can do it.

web traffic1. Domain name – So, what’s in a name? The importance of having your very own domain name is that Google gives domain names a higher weight of traffic and ranking compared with free blogs and websites. The reason for this is that it is somewhat an indication that your website is not just for fun or something experimental because investing in a domain name means that you are serious, hence, better quality in terms of content and website interface. Even the name itself matters because it should be unique but not difficult to spell or remember. It is quite high in the possibility that others have already taken your first ideas of domain names, so you have to make sure that no one else is possessing it and it would be very relatively unique to you.

2. Content – Oh gosh, it’s the mighty content again. If you’ve seen and read other articles about how relevant the content is, you shouldn’t take this lightly because it’s the truth. Aside from the importance of the quality of the content, there are also other factors to consider. For example, in terms of quality, you have to make sure that your content is flawless and free from error. Grammar and spelling mistakes should be avoided and even the writing style and technique matters. Next, it should be unique. Trying to copy something that came from another website or another article will make the Google system see your website as nothing but a fad. Getting details through online research is not a problem but getting bits of text from another content is just awful. Besides that, it is also unethical. It may be difficult to monitor plagiarism on the internet; this does not mean that it is tolerable.

making content work to get the best user experience3. Active – Be active. I’m not talking about your physical fitness but rather, I’m referring to the activity that happens on your website. If you keep on updating and posting new content, it encourages the Google algorithm system to rank you up higher because it means that your site is working well and alive. I mean, on a basic understanding, Google will definitely not try to provide their users an inactive website unless that’s exactly what they seem to be looking for. So, set your total and complete theme about the niche and the specialty of your site and keep on posting related content to drive more traffic from the audience.

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