How to Contour Your Face Using Korean Makeup

How to Contour Your Face Using Korean Makeup

Contouring is one of the most sought-after services from makeup professionals these days. And there are plenty of good reasons why. For one, it can help bring out your best features when done right. You can say goodbye to plastic surgery, which, of course, is never foolproof. Secondly, contouring can transform your look and makes it possible for anyone to change their looks just with the use of makeup. It is used not only for everyday makeup. But it is also used for pictorials, events, and costume parties among others.

Before and After difference when contouringContouring has only been a skill used by makeup artists, but thanks to a broader range of products, especially Korean beauty products, and free DIY videos, more people are now able to try contouring for themselves. It is good news for everyone since people can be creative. And can now explore what they can do with their looks. Social media has been influential in this contouring trend. With marketers now also able to diversify their brand by partnering with celebrities, models, and bloggers.

But contouring would need perfection to make it look right. Even a small flaw can show on your face, so you have to make sure you know how to exactly know what makeup to put on a specific area on your face. What rules must you follow to get contouring right?

Here are some tips for you to get the right contour perfect for your face:

1. Check out your “contour spots”

If you’ve taken an interest in contouring, now is the perfect time to start exploring your face. Check your cheekbones and the shape of your face, which can be enhanced with a skin care routine. Also, know the assets of your face so you can highlight them when you start contouring. The reason contouring is tricky is because there is no one way to do it. It depends on the person, and so, you must know the ins and outs of your face to learn how to highlight your assets appropriately. The uniqueness of contouring is also the reason why it is a skill. It has to be learned through proper training and lots of experience.

2. Assess products that fit your skin color

Different makeup tools for the perfect contourBecause contouring is unique, it is also a must that you buy makeup products that are fit for your skin color. Therefore, avoid fitting into trends without adequately figuring out the right products for you. If you are not sure as to the shade and type of cosmetics you must use, consult a beauty professional so they can give you the best advice. The options can be overwhelming, but a good range for contouring would be Korean cosmetics.

3. Practice contouring in a naturally lighted area

The best way to check if you are doing the right thing is to do your contouring in a naturally lighted area. It is with this way that you can see how you get to transform your look. Without overusing different shades and strokes. It can be easy to commit mistakes when doing your makeup in an artificially lighted room because the shadows do not appear natural any longer.

The key to perfecting the art of contouring is practice. Do not be afraid to spend some time applying what you’ve learned. Ask for other’s opinion so you can further improve your skill. And be open to learning and constant practice so you can achieve the perfect look with the help of contouring.

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