Born To Help Animals

Born To Help Animals

by Dawnell Harrison

I have always had an overwhelming desire to help animals. I often received a lot of flack from my parents about feeding stray cats and dogs, but I just couldn’t resist their sweet and trusting faces. My childhood room looked and sounded like a pet store. There were Habitrails galore and the sound of my gerbil, Bee-Bop, running on his exercise wheel almost constantly! Fortunately for my parents, my cat, Moo-Moo, was often gone, as he liked to explore the great outdoors. When Moo-Moo was diagnosed with cat leukemia, my mother and I cried in the parking lot of our veterinarian’s office. Even my mom loved Moo-Moo, and she wasn’t an animal person like me. Why I didn’t become a veterinarian is easily summed up in one word . . . blood! I just can’t stand the thought of having to cut animals open when operations are required.

stray catOver the past six years, I have helped many hungry and injured animals. I decided long ago that I just couldn’t turn my back on the creatures that I love so much, even when I could not afford to help them. At one point, I had eight cats and found loving homes for seven of them. The eighth cat is my long-time indoor cat, Rex, an extremely spoiled tabby who brings me so much joy and unconditional love. I recently read a quote from comedian Bill Mahr that I thought was hilarious. He said his dog is the only living thing that acts as if he is The Beatles when he comes home.

I have been a volunteer at Animal Home Find, a no-kill animal shelter, for the past four years or so. Recently, I decided to start my own business,, and knew that I wanted to do even more to assist animals. So, I donate 1 percent of all sales to Animal Home Find. At, I offer stress-relievers, home decor, garden accessories, jewelry and travel/business items.

I recently read a statistic that shocked and sickened me: An animal is put to sleep once every three seconds! Some people have become apathetic and may think to themselves, “What can one person do?” The answer is . . . a lot! PETA is a wonderful example of individuals banning together to prevent unnecessary animal cruelty.

There are many ways to assist animals, whether they are small or large gestures. I recently became a vegetarian. Some people may feel this change is too drastic, but there are many other ways to assist animals. Volunteer for a local animal shelter, shop at sites that donate profits to animal causes, distribute information or simply help the next abandoned or hungry animal that arrives at your doorstep. In my opinion, even small gestures are of great importance when you give unconditional love to animals.

Website Donates to No-Kill Animal Shelter

Help unwanted animals while shopping at SpiritWhole. The website donates 1 percent of all sales to a no-kill animal shelter, Animal Home Find, which finds loving homes for misplaced animals. Dawnell Harrison, the owner of SpiritWhole, says she has had a soft spot for animals for as long as she can recall. She currently has one cat, Rex, a spoiled male tabby, and has been a volunteer for Animal Home Find for about four years. She wanted to do even more to help the animals in finding the homes they deserve and decided that donating a percentage of her profits from SpiritWhole would be a good way to give support to an outstanding cause.

SpiritWhole offers a wide variety of products, including stress-relievers, home decor, garden needs, jewelry and travel/business accessories. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone, even the most difficult person to shop for amongst your friends and family.

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