Body Fat Percentage and Why You Should Learn It

Body Fat Percentage and Why You Should Learn It

One of the greatest loathing things that lots of us are going through today is the need to lose weight. Staying healthy is not easy because it requires consistency and persistence in doing so, not just on a day of your life but all throughout. We have to admit that the image of beauty and health has been focused on the basis of how models look. You see this lady and this hot guy walking the ramp as they wear trademark brandings and you just wish you had the same body size and shape. Going thin and losing as much weight as you can have been an obsession, even for young teens and young adults.

struggles of losing weightEating disorders have increased during these years because of feeling the peer pressure, bullying, insecurities, anxiety, and even depression. In hopes of being adored by the public, even the most innocent kid will do her best to receive praise and appreciation. Then here comes bulimia and anorexia are on the rise. Wrongfully, others would even glorify such acts just to achieve the dream bod that the media has often portrayed. Luckily, lots of people are also doing their best to awaken the public in seeing what is right.

Looking Good: Not Enough Motivation

Losing weight may look good on stage or as you wear your clothes but putting your health on the line is definitely not worth the risk. I have had an experience where I also deprived myself of the nutrition that my body needed by eating less and less each day. Sure, I lost the weight, I was lean, and any dress would look great on me, but I was just powerless. You need select vitamins based on your personal needs. Even if I just woke up from a good night rest, my body had no energy in it. Doing this is simply killing your body slowly. People should stop focusing on the image alone because one must understand the anatomy of the body to not just look good or feel good, but also be healthy.

BMI calculates your weight against your heightInstead, I would personally encourage the people to focus on their body fat percentage. There is an ideal range of percentage of fat in your body depending on your physical state. Just like how BMI works, it should be balanced with the total body mass. So, what is body fat percentage? More commonly, it is the total amount of fat that your body contains. For a more accurate example, if you have a weight of 150 pounds and your fat percentage is at 10%, this means that the 15 pounds in your weight are fat and the rest (135 lbs) is made up of your muscles, blood, bones, organs, and tissues. Fat may sound like it’s totally negative but little do we know that other kinds of fat are important and essential to the human body.

Body Fat Calculations

If we’re going to analyze things according to calculations, this is how you can equate your body fat: your total body mass divides total body fat. As much as possible, your body fat percentage should be lower than 20%. Reaching something as high as that or maybe, even more, is unhealthy and very threatening. The actual proportion of the essential fat that should be in your body also depends on gender.

For men, two to five percent (2-5%) of it is ideal. For women, on the other hand, it is a lot way higher, and it’s almost a double of the percentage of fat required at ten to thirteen percent (10-13%). If you want to determine your body’s fat percentage accurately, the only way is through getting a professional as they use the right tools such as calipers and bioelectrical impedance analysis. Through this, your fitness level will be laid out to you.

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