Best Outdoor Exercises for Those over 60

Best Outdoor Exercises for Those over 60

The number “60” always connotes the idea of retirement. Enjoying every day as it passes you by, visiting your children and grandchildren. And probably picking up a hobby that you’ve never tried before. There is always this sense of calm when you talk about getting to the age of 60. And if you’ve been working for the last 40 years, there is enough reason for you to feel like you just want to relax in this stage in your life.

Getting old does not mean getting boredHowever, more and more seniors are also battling depression, boredom, and ill-health. With their families and medical practitioners wanting to limit the things that they can do in a day. A 70-year-old grandmother who has always enjoyed tending her garden may now find herself doing menial tasks. And an 80-year-old grandfather who feels fit may not be allowed to go to the bathroom on his own any longer. These limitations can be felt physically, emotionally, and mentally, which can be debilitating for many seniors. They might now feel worthless not being given the liberty to do the things that they want.

But as the son, daughter, or the personal doctor, you may feel obliged to want to limit these seniors’ activities not out of spite, but out of concern. You want to avoid the possibility of an older person tripping. Or this person suddenly forgetting where he/she put the keys. This act of concern may appear okay. But it can also backfire since it could make the elderly feel helpless and overly dependent on others. Even if they can do things, they now become afraid to try.

Being over 60 should not be a reason to want just to sit down, eat, watch TV, and sleep. Even though the body is now fragile, you have to make sure you are keeping yourself healthy despite the physical changes happening in your body. You don’t have to overdo it. You just have always to keep yourself active until you get to a point where you feel you need to rest a bit more. Listening to one’s body is critical.

Because of the proven benefits of keeping yourself active, what are the best and safest outdoor activities for those over 60? Here are our top recommendations:

1. Aerobic exercise

Bike rides when over 60 can still be funAerobic exercise is what is most likely connected with the phrase, “Keep yourself active.” It refers to any cardiovascular exercise that helps you better your circulation in the body. These activities include walking, gardening, cleaning, swimming, biking, and dancing among many others. What’s great with this type of exercise is it can be done alone or in a group. For seniors, it is highly recommended to do it in a group like what they do in So you don’t end up overly pushing yourself, and you also get to meet friends along the way.

2. Strength exercise

Strength exercise is excellent for muscle building and repair, so if you want to keep yourself active and lean, you must include strength exercises to your cardiovascular activities. You don’t have to use weights to do this. For seniors, it is highly recommended to do bodyweights, so you don’t end up over-exerting yourself. The best bodyweight exercises include triceps and biceps curl, and leg stretches. You can do the leg stretches while sitting down, so you also protect yourself from losing balance. It is best to do these exercises twice a week, even at home or after your aerobic exercise.

Whatever exercise you do, it is best to do it outdoors because not only do you get the benefits of breathing fresh air, you also get Vitamin D, and you can find peace with all the greenery and scenery outside. Age must never be an excuse to exercise, but before starting with any program, consult your doctor.

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